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If you've been in Virginia for a hot minute you know we are all OBSESSED with tomatoes--fried (green); preserved through canning; layered with mozzarella, olive oil, and basil for a caprese salad; reduced to a sauce; stacked on white bread in a sandwich with mayo (Duke's or Hellman's, we don't judge!); pickled; oven-dried to sweet perfection; or whole, eaten sloppily over the sink with just a caress of salt--it's what gets us jazzed about Summer!

Well, we are celebrating this luscious harbinger of hot weather with a multi-course dinner featuring our favorite fruit as prepared by some of our favorite chefs: Scott Lewis of Laura Lee's, Sandeep "Sunny" Baweja of Lehja, Laine Myers of Nota Bene, and of course Secco's executive chef, Julie Heins. Rob & Jo Pendergraph of Manakintowne Specialty Growers are our special guests, and they'll be on hand to talk about heirloom tomatoes, farming, and chef-farmer relationships.

Tickets are $75-all inclusive (dinner, wine pairings, state and local taxes, and gratuity). They can be purchased through PayPal here.