We are so excited to participate in this fabulous event! From Manzanilla En Rama to Oloroso to Moscatel, Sherry has a special place in our hearts (Julia is a Certified Sherry Wine Specialist, after all). The Sherry Triangle is endlessly fascinating with its storied past, geographical singularity, amazing food pairing and cocktail enhancing abilities. Plus, who doesn’t love an underdog—c’mon, you know we were pushing rose before it was cool! Join us this week to try something both old and new (that’s a gratuitous Solera joke). We’ll be offering Sherry flights, Sherry cocktails, and Sherry pairings Monday-Saturday. Come taste history in a glass! And if you see Julia on the floor (Flor?) be sure to ask for her pairing advice. (That’s a gratuitous biological aging joke.) Cheers! #SHERRYWEEK